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Why do I need to scarify my lawn and what does it do? 

Scarifying is the process where thatch and moss is removed from a lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead organic material between the grass and the soil (Diagram 1).


This acts as a spongy mat and prevents water, oxygen and nutrients entering the root zone where it is needed. Thatch holds onto water producing wet soggy lawns and a shallow rooting system. 


During hot weather thatch dries out very quickly and due to the shallow roots thatchy lawns quickly dry out and wilt. 

The wet environment created by excessive thatch encourages moss, weeds, diseases, compaction and anaerobic conditions for growing healthy grass. 

What will I see after my lawn is scarified?

After your lawn has been scarified you will see lots of thatch removed to the surface as shown in diagram 2, this is then all collected and disposed of and your lawn is nearly back to its original appearance. 


You will see little lines across your lawn where the vertical tines have been over it removing lots of undesired thatch and moss. 


These will be visible for a couple of weeks then your lawn will start to dense out and become greener and healthier than ever as water and air can now penetrate into the root zone. This will also make fertiliser applications more efficient.

Surrey Lawn Services scarify in two directions to ensure maximum thatch and moss removal and to cut as many stolons as possible in the process producing new grass shoots from your original grass resulting in a denser, healthier grass sward.

Benefits of scarification 

  • Drier lawns in the winter

  • Greener lawns in the summer

  • Less moss present

  • Less chance of disease outbreak

  • Denser, healthier grass sward

  • Longer roots system

  • oxygen and water can reach the root zone

  • Increased fertiliser efficiency 


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