Lawn Treatments

Surrey Lawn Services offer expert regular lawn treatments to your lawn. The result is a weed and moss free, vibrant, green healthy lawn.


We don't insist a contract is signed, instead we work with our customers and time our visits according to the individuals budget and needs.


Some customers simply have a weed + feed in the Spring, others have their soil analysed, 4 lawn treatments, a scarification in the Spring and hollow tine in the Autumn. What is important is all of our customers are valued the same.  


There are 16 different nutrients to consider when treating a lawn and each one has a purpose at the correct time of the year, therefor we recommend a treatment every season to keep your grass strong, green and healthy. We are unique that we uses the best performing fertilisers as used by the best golf courses in the country. 


Our thoroughly researched programme provides you with a professional approach to turf management and puts you at the forefront of lawn care in the UK. 


To receive a quote and discuss your lawn with us simply contact us with your details and the size of your lawn.


To receive a quote simply contact us with your details and the size of your lawn, we will reply within 4 hours. 


07793 486 418

Spring - Fertiliser


The fertilisation goal in the spring is to apply the correct amount of nitrogen to keep the grass functioning properly and produce a vibrant green colour.

The spring treatment is a slow release fertiliser with the required nutrients to start the year in exceptional condition.

This high performance organic feed lasts for 10-12 weeks and will see your lawn through to early summer in peak condition.

The lawn is also blanket sprayed with a weed killer application.



Summer - Fertiliser and Weed control


The summer is the toughest time for UK grasses due to the heat and lack of rainfall therefore proper turf management is very important. The best way to manage your grass is to a use slow release organic fertiliser with the correct balance of nutrients to provide for your grass and soil.

It is released in a controlled fashion over the summer months giving you the greenest, healthiest lawn possible. We also use this as a window to treat the early summer weeds in your lawn with a liquid application.

This high performance organic feed lasts for 12-16  weeks depending on rainfall and will provide you with a green, healthy, weed free lawn to enjoy your summer months.

Autumn - Fertiliser and Weed control


The Autumn treatment recovers your lawn from the summer stresses thanks to our professional “complete feed”. 


This quick release fertiliser injects all of the needed nutrients into your soil to allow the grass to return to the strong green colour seen in the spring as quickly as possible. 


The potassium and small iron content also protects your grass from disease risk as heavier dews develop.

Any weeds present will also be sprayed and killed.

Winter - Fertiliser and Moss control


Although you may not be in your garden as much in the winter it is vital to protect it from the extreme weather so it starts the growing season in the best shape possible. 

Moss is at its most active during the winter due to the favourable wet weather and low sunlight hours and because grass is no longer growing it can easily creep in and start to dominate your lawn if not treated. 


Your winter treatment is designed to kill off moss and stop any new moss forming as well as provide your lawn with all the appropriate nutrients for the winter. This treatment will keep your lawn strong and healthy and will enter the spring in the best shape possible.

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