Aeration Work

Surrey Lawn Services offer an exceptional aerating service in and around Surrey and Hampshire. Please read below to find out more about Transform Your Lawn's aeration service.


What is aeration and what does it do?

Grass need four things (in the proper balance) to grow; Sunlight, air, water and nutrients. To achieve optimum air and water levels, aeration work must be carried out. Transform your lawn use a hollow tining method where hundreds of plugs are removed from the lawn as well as solid tining depending on the soil type. 

The spaces left behind allow room for roots to grow into as well as nutrients, water and air being able to access the soil. Moss and thatch is removed in the process and the soil is effectively decompacted allowing room for root growth and improving soil conditions. 

What will I see after my lawn has been aerated?

After the treatment you will see hundreds of holes across your lawn.  If your soil is more of a chalky / sandy character the cores can be left to break down naturally as shown in diagram 1. If you have a clay soil we will use the solid tine method as shown in diagram 2. 

How do I know if I need aeration work?

This type of aeration is suitable for firmer (compact) lawns or unlevel lawns where water run-off is a problem, whereas scarifying is more suited to spongy, mossy lawns.

Transform your lawn will advise you what aeration will be most beneficial for you.

To receive a quote simply contact us with your details and the size of your lawn, we will reply within 4 hours. 


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