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lawn Aeration 

Surrey Lawn Services offer an exceptional aerating service in and around Surrey and Hampshire. We own a top of the range aerator that is designed for cricket wickets and golf courses that we use on the lawns we manage. The machine allows us to break through the most compacted of lawns as well as adjust the depth of the machine depending on what we are trying to achieve with it. 

Grass need four things (in the proper balance) to grow; Sunlight, air, water and nutrients. To achieve optimum air and water levels, aeration work must be carried out.

A compacted lawn has little air space in the soil as it has effectively been squeezed out of it. Soil with no air space inside results in very poor grass growth because the microbes aren't able to function. Microbes are the life in the soil and the driving force that makes everything grow on top. Their role is to eat away at thatch and break down nutrients for the grass to uptake. Without microbes there wouldn't be any grass, you could fertilise all you wanted. 

Having oxygen present in the soil is the single most important thing in achieving a healthy lawn. 

Benefits of aeration include:

-Improved surface drainage - Deeper rooting - greener lawns in the summer - Reduced moss and weeds - Thicker grass sward - Improved fertiliser effectiveness 

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