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Lawn Renovations 

Lawn renovations are a faster and less expensive alternative to re-turfing when a lawn needs a bit more work to get it up to standard. 


Lawns that have been neglected for too long often have excessive moss and thatch, compacted soil, weed infestation and often the wrong grass trying to grow.


Surrey Lawn Services identify the main problems that are detrimental to the turf health of your lawn and customise a plan to restore it to a high standard using the best plan of action and correct grass seed for your site.

Typically the old lawn will need scarifying heavily to remove years of moss and thatch accumulation and create the first seed bed. It is very important that the seed is in contact with the soil to ensure good germination so it is crucial the scarifying is executed correctly. 

Once the ground is scarified heavily it must then be hollow tine aerated deeply and thoroughly. De-compacting the surface is crucial to the success of the new lawn establishing and we are proud to say we have invested in the best aerator money can by. It is designed for golf courses and cricket wickets and we are proud to bring the machine to your lawn to carry out our lawn renovations to the highest standard possible. 

The seed selected will depend on the soil type and conditions of the lawn. How the seed is sewn is probably the most important part of the lawn renovation process. We have a top of the range machine to sew the seeds in the soil at the correct depth instead of the seed just being laid on top of the lawn where it can easily dry out or be eaten. The machine ensures that the seeds stay in situ once sewn providing even germination over the whole lawn.

Our lawn renovation process is unique to us and rarely requires bringing in lots of expensive lawn dressing making a lawn make over a lot more affordable than the franchise equivilent. 


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