Lawn Renovations 

Lawn renovations are a much faster, easier and less expensive alternative of achieving a new lawn than completely removing and re-turfing for when lawns are beyond repair from standard lawn treatments alone. Excessive thatch, compacted soil, excessive weeds or excessive moss are all reasons why lawns can begin to suffer.  Our unique renovation service repairs all aspects that are detrimental to turf health and produce beautiful lawns in 2 visits.


The first visit is to kill any weeds, moss or grubs that are present in the lawn.


Around 3 weeks later we then begin the renovation process. First the lawn is heavily scarified to remove any thatch or moss. We then punch thousands of holes in the lawn with an aerator to relieve any compaction that has built up on the lawn. The tilth left behind from the scarifier combined the holes in the lawn create perfect seed beds for the new grass seed to grow from. The seed selected will depend on the soil type and conditions of the lawn. The area is then top dressed with a nutritious dressing / compost mix which will help to even out some undulations as well as aid with seed germination. The lawn is then fertilised with a quick start pre seed fertiliser to ensure a quick and successful renovation.

It is then down to you to water the lawn on days without rain for the first 2 weeks and you will soon begin to see new grass appearing. Transform your lawn will advise you on when to mow and water and will pop back after a month to see how things are going.


To receive a quote simply contact us with your details and the size of your lawn, we will reply within 4 hours. 


07793 486 418

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