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Moss Control

Surrey Lawn Services have converted hundreds of moss infested surfaces into pleasant grass lawns. The key is to then understand how to keep moss out of the lawn year after year which we can proudly and confidently say we achieve.

Mosses are small green plants which survive on moisture. They don’t have roots like grasses do, instead, they have something similar called rhizoids, which act as an anchoring system to support the moss. They thrive off of moisture and uptake the water through the top of the plant. Mosses are flowerless so they spread and reproduce through their spores. They require less sunlight than most plants, explaining why you find moss in north facing lawns or on the north facing sides of trees.  


Lawn conditions that encourage moss: 

  • Poor or inadequate fertilising

  • Compact soil

  • Poor drainage

  • Very damp or wet growing conditions

  • Acidic soils

  • Excessive thatch

  • Shaded areas in lawns

  • Not mowing often enough or mowing grass too low.

By understanding what moss killers to use, at what rates and at what time of year it is achievable to keep moss out of your lawn. 

If you would like our help with ridding your lawn of moss then please get in touch. 

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