Surrey Lawn Services offer a premium turfing service with the highest standards and attention to detail in mind. With hands on experience turfing golf greens and now hundreds of residential lawns completed, we ensure all lawns are turfed to the highest standard. 


The preparation stage, choice of turf and how the turf is installed are all very important in producing a top finish. 


The turf must be installed on a nutritious, non compacted substrate with a very slight surface fall to allow water to drain off in the winter. The type of grass installed must be considered and a pre turf fertiliser is very important to help the lawn establish successfully. We install the turf using boards for a flat smooth finish with no gaps and provide post turf instructions regarding when to mow and at what height.

We choose a high quality turf that produces a spectacular colour as soon as it is laid. Please see some photos of our re-turfing work below on some large and smaller lawns across Surrey and Hampshire.

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