Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start caring for my lawn? 

The sooner the better! There isn't a better time to start caring for your lawn. We offer treatment programmes throughout the whole year! Grass requires nutrients and assistance every month of the year to stay strong and healthy and the winter treatments are just as important as the summer treatments. 

What treatment programme is best for me?

On your free consultation visit, Transform your lawn will advise you on what work would be most beneficial for your lawn. It may be that we recommend one of our tailor made treatment programmes. Our Greens programme produces fantastic results, however depending on the size and state of your lawn, the Fairway programme can also be very effective.


How can I pay?

You will receive an invoice after each treatment either by post or email. There is also the option to pay monthly, via direct debit spreading your programme over 12 equal payments.


How long will it be until I start to see results? 

In most cases you will start to see results after your very first treatment. As you start caring for your lawn and applying nutrients your grass will become greener and stronger. Weeds will start to die away within a week after treatments and should be completely gone within a month.


Do i have to be at home when you come to treat the lawn?

No, as long as there is access to the lawn we can complete our work



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